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Monique Bass Preamps


Monique in Bamboo

This Bamboo enclosure (wonderfully renewable wood) is hand made and it is hand finished by Jule! No two are exactly the same. The color is natural. This is very hard bamboo that will take a lot of abuse and still look gorgeous.

Dove Cage

Dove Cage Monique

First in the Monique product tree. Smooth powerful all tube bass cuts through the mix like you (and your engineer) won't believe.
On stage or in the studio, Monique will make you smile! Every Monique gives the accurate, extremely quick, response bass requires.

Monique Rack Mount

Rack Mount Monique

This Rack Mount version is for those who need the security of a Rack Mount enclosure, or more space in the studio. This is a steel chassis 2U Rack Mount enclosure. There are handles on each side for getting Monique in and out of enclosures. 

Monique has been making music beautiful for more than 10 years! Every Monique, no matter how it is enclosed, is the same electronically and tonally. Monique is hand made (point to point) in Santa Cruz, California, USA.  Every Monique is built to be making music for generations to come. 

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