Santa Cruz Reverb

The Santa Cruz is a hand wired all-tube reverb with Accutronics dual springs. It puts out an amazing amount of rich reverb sound. It gives you Blend, Tone, and Dwell controls so you can choose your own reverb experience.

The Santa Cruz Reverb is visually pretty stunning, but that does not mean it is not road worthy. The cabinet shown is made of Bamboo, and virtually indestructable. We also have cabinets in Cherry and other hardwoods as they are available. You can click on both these pictures of the Santa Cruz to get a larger view.

For those of you who may not be familiar with a three knob reverb, a bit of explanation may help. The Blend is similar to a mixer between your straight guitar sound and the sound from the reverb. The Tone is a mild "wet" side EQ control. It has more effect as you dial in more Blend. The Dwell can be thought of as a "duration" control. Dwell allows you to control the duration of the reverb between bounces of the spring.

What's it sound like? It sounds deep and rich, with more than enough reverb for even the most retro of Surf Guitarists. Our objective in building the Santa Cruz was to reproduce all the reverb tone of the 60's but make it clean enough for modern music.

If you'd like to hear a sample MP3, click here. This is a sample kindly provided by Kelley Meyer of Montarado Guitars.

The idea for this reverb came via requests from some of our Surf Music friends and a serious lack of competitive stand-alone reverbs that give tons of reverb but without hum and noise.

The cabinet shown has nothing to do with the tone of the reverb, but it is very sturdy, very roadworthy, and a thing of beauty - just like the sound that comes out of this instrument. We've also made it "crash" resistant by mounting the tank in the top of the cabinet in rubber hangers.

The input and output jacks are in the rear of the Santa Cruz. Keeps everything up front clean and simple.

If you are looking for genuine, full reverb sounds, without hum and without noise you will love the Santa Cruz.

Pricing is here.