Praxis 100 Watt Head in Blonde Cabinet

The Praxis is a big sound lead guitar amplifier. It is completely hand made. It is a Class A 100 watt dual rectifier amplifier with a ton of sweet sound pressure and incredible response to player dynamics. It can be extremely loud if you want it to be. And it can purr like a happy kitten.

The Praxis is an outstanding Blues and Jazz amp in part because of its rich clean tone, and its "touch". Our Metal Rock customers love the way it can mow down the first 10 rows at any gig (if that is the objective). The "touch" and note definition of the Praxis will astound you. They need to be felt to believed.

Everything in the Praxis is point-to-point hand wired. There are no printed circuit boards. Every component is physically connected to a terminal, and hand soldered. We don't do it this way for any other reason than to make the amps sound great. It also makes them virtually indestructible.

It has Master Volume, and Gain controls. The Praxis uses four EL34 ouput tubes, originally developed by Mullard in 1955. It is foot switchable between High Gain with crunch from about two, and a separate Clean channel. Both channels are very sweet and true to the tone of your guitar. They are both extremely sensitive to your pick attack pressure. Some call it "good touch." The E.Q. is made up of Treble, Mid Range, Bass, and Presence controls.

If you are ready for a guitar amplifier that will help you find new places in your music the Praxis is your amp.

This Danish Oil finished cabinet is made primarily of 3/4" solid Poplar. No polyurethane is used with this finish. The top is made of 3/4" solid Ash. Ash is extremely hard wood. Poplar is softer and more susceptible to dings. The whole idea is to keep as many dings off the thing over the years as possible, and still keep the weight of the cabinet down. The front is made of figured birch. Not as nice as the front of a flame birch PRS, but it ended up looking pretty good we've been told.

The closeup of the dovetail at the top of the cabinet gives you an idea of the construction. Dovetails look good, but what they are really about is strength.

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