The Paycheck dual channel guitar amplifier

The Paycheck is the newest amplifier for the guitar player from Jule Amps.

15 Watt Paycheck

The focus of the Paycheck is on the performing musician. We're talking about all of you out there on stage every week, making music, working to make a living.

Thanks to the very good people at Premier Guitar magazine, you can now read an excellent review of the Paycheck 15 watt head by clicking either of the two Premier Guitar logos above.

There are two versions of the Paycheck, a Paycheck 40 Watt, and a Paycheck 15 Watt. Both versions share the same control layout. Both versions have Master Volume controls, Presence Control, a three stage EQ, and separate level controls for the Clean Volume and the Drive volume.

The Paycheck is foot switchable, from Clean to Drive Channel, but there is also a switch and LED on the front of the amp for the times when it is easier to change channels from the front of the amp.

There is also an un-buffered effects Loop with dual attenuators on the back of the amp for those of you who using time based effects.

You can appreciate the work that went into building the tone and playing characteristics of the Paycheck by knowing what tubes it uses. The 40 watt output tubes are dual 6L6 Coke Bottles, the 15 Watt Paycheck uses dual 6V6 tubes. Both amps have tube rectifiers (of course) with a GZ34 on the 40 Watt and a 5Y3 on the 15 Watt. The front end preamp and gain stages both uses octal Russian 6SL7 tubes. The 6SL7 does everything the more modern 9 pin 12AX7 does, but it does it more musically and with more punch when called for. The phase inverter is a 12AT7, and the EQ driver is a 12AX7.

If you are playing in a loud band, go for the 40 Watt Paycheck. It is a very loud 40 Watt amp. If your gigs are smaller, or you do mostly recording, go for the 15 Watt. They both play magically.

They video below is a good way to get an idea of what both the Paycheck 15 Watt and the Paycheck 40 Watt head will do. This was Ronny Watson's first opportunity to see and use the Paycheck. He is an amazing player. You can also take a look at the owners manual for the 15 Watt Paycheck here.

Pricing is here.