Brenda K. 12 watt Guitar Amplifier

Before you read what the Brenda K. can do, it is probably best to hear her in action. My dear friend Ronan Chris Murphy of VenetoWest Studios in Los Angeles prepared this sample of what the Brenda K. can do. The sample was recorded using the bridge humbucker on a PRS guitar straight into the amp. All the changes in tone are from player dynamics and adjustments on the volume knob of the guitar. No effects were used, and no changes were made to the controls of the Brenda K.

Brenda K. is a single ended amp. This feature by itself brings floods of live harmonics to your playing and recording. She is also a dual rectifier amp. This combination of Single Ended Dual Rectifier brings incredible touch and tones that just do not quit.

If you are looking for modeled sound or a bunch of buttons to push, Brenda K. is not your amp. You get two knobs, Volume and Tone. You get two switches. The switches are Bright, and Boost. The Bright switch is a three position switch that changes how the pre-amplifier section of the Brenda K reacts. The Boost switch is an output boost switch that will add more "thump" to everything you play.

Between these four controls, there is a world of great usable sound available to you in the Brenda K.

The front end of the Brenda K. is powered by an octal 6SL7 preamp tube. Very rich and very powerful. The two tube rectifiers are 5Y3s. There are two 6V6 output tubes in the Brenda K running in parallel.

The Brenda K. can be delivered in a hand built solid wood combo-cabinet or in a head configuation. You get to choose black tolex or custom hardwood for the head version.

Of course Brenda K. is hand wired point to point. Everything at Jule Amps is.

The combo cabinet shown is solid 3/4" Poplar with a figured Birch face. It was built to a specific customer's request. The jeweled aluminum chassis at the left was also made at one customer's request.

Be warned that the Brenda K. is a very loud amp, especially for only 12 watts. This is Class A 12 all-tube watts. For many gigs in small to medium venues Brenda K. is plenty of amp to keep up with the drummer. She also makes an excellent amp to mic for recording in any studio environment.

The image below is a link to a 4.7M video prepared by Stosh at Rotary Films

Brenda K. Tolex Top Right

Pricing for the Brenda K. is here.