The M-Series Stand-Alone Bass Amplifier is available in 500, 700, and 2500 watts.

The M-Series Amplifiers deliver stunning, true Bass Amplification. They are optimized for 4 ohms. Be warned that these power ratings are real. You will have power enough so that the Low B string (or lower) continues to sing loud and strong for as long as you choose.

The quickness and note definition you have learned to expect of Monique is enhanced by these amplifiers. You will find more usable range at the top of your playing and at the bottom. You will feel and hear parts of your playing that other amplifiers can not reproduce.

The M-Series enclosure is all aluminum and very light. This enclosure is designed to keep its cool no matter how long or where you play. The internal fan can be switched off for your studio sessions. There are four dimples in the top of the M-Series Amps that accept the feet of the Dove Cage Monique.

Controls are simple. On/Off and Volume. Input is now on the back. Standby switch is on the front. On the back is a switch for the fan. The input sensitivity is -26db. That means you can go direct to the M700 with your bass if your choose to.

You will find a couple of SpeakOn Jacks on the back that are in parallel. SpeakOn cables are preferred, but if you have to use 1/4” speakers cables, these jacks will accept them too.

Pricing is here.