Rack Mount or Tardis with 700 Watts of Bass Amplification

You can now order your Rack Mount or Tardis Monique with a 700 watt Class D bass amplifier included.

Monqiue 700 watt Rack Mount Amplifier

Jule Amps has made it easy to add a 700 watt bass amplifier to your Monique. This thing is a beast. It is a beast as to power delivery and a beast as to tone. It is the perfect amplifier to take advantage of the "touch" of Monique and the beauty and richness of tone. We can add the amplifier to your existing Rack Mount or Tardis Monique, or you can order it installed.

The power rating of this amplifier has to be taken seriously. It delivers a true 700 watts RMS. This combination of Monique and Class D Amplifier will deliver 700 watts RMS continuously. The days of losing power on the low B string are gone.

Rear view of Monique 700 Rack Mount The two Combo/Speakons (accept both 1/4" and Speakon cables) on the back of the Monique 700 are in parallel. The optimum impedance to deliver 700 watts is 4 ohms. This means that a couple of 8 ohm cabinets can be connected up to deliver 700 watts. It also means you are ready if you have a single 4 ohm cabinet that can handle 700 watts.

The 700 watt amplifier delivers clean musical power across the audio spectrum better than any amplifier we have ever heard. It has specifications good enough to make it a pristine Mastering Monitor. It is extremely fast with as close to zero latency as anything we have ever heard.

Front Panel Monique 700 Amplifier

No feature of Monique has been left out to make this 700 watt amplifier. That is why you see a separate power switch for both Monique and the 700 watt amplifier. You will probably use Monique and the amplifier together most of the time, but the choice is yours. You can use Monique by itself, and the amplifier by itself. Whatever you choose.

In addition to the two speaker outputs, Monique has Line Level output (1/4" Single Ended TRS) and a separate XLR balanced DI output that is driven by a beautiful Cinemag transformer. Both the Line Level and the Balanced Output have their own separate level controls. The Line Level control adjusts the 700 watt amplifier volume.

Monique 700 for the Rack Mount has an internal fan that is switch-able on the back. As long as the back panel is left open for ventilation, you should be able to run full blast in any environment. A "Clipping Detection" LED has been added (between the Line Level and Balanced Level knobs) for those times when you find yourself pushing the amplifier too hard. It will light up to tell you you have to back off on your input level.

All the tone and all the playing characteristics of the best all-tube Bass pre-amplifier ever made, but now in an amplifier. That is the Monique 700.


Pricing is here.